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Our client, a global technology leader, has an immediate need for a Software Engineer to automate the release process of their cloud based offering. The ideal candidate will live in the SF/Bay Area and have the ability to convert to a full-time position. Responsibilities Release automation configurations. Working with the release management team to codify the release schedule such that the deployment orchestration can run. Enhancing the release automation process. Streamline and automated the integration between the manually curated schedule as provided by release management and the configuration and deployment of the actual release automation. Requirements Software Development. Code primarily in Golang, which is the expected language to use day-to-day on the job. C++ experience would also be good, as picking up Golang is easier from this language. Data structures and algorithms. A solid grasp of data structures, algorithms, and RESTful APIs. Kubernetes experience. An understanding of working in Kubernetes systems with experience in kubectl and docker containers. Drive for automation. You constantly consider, "How can I automate this manual process?" Operational excellence. Data excites you and you make decisions based on numbers rather than assumptions. If an issue arises, you strive to be alerted before our customers notice. Unix/Linux. You ll be using a command line terminal frequently in day-to-day work. Desire to learn and adapt. Our agile team has a lot of projects going on at once, and you'll have the opportunity to learn to navigate the code and features. You'll constantly be learning new areas and new technologies. Passion. We want you to actively own your work and be excited about your projects. Distributed programming. Experience in working on distributed systems like databases, distributed file systems, distributed concurrency control, consistency models, CAP theorem is an added plus. Knowledge of technical excellence. You know continuous delivery, testing, security practices, performance, and disaster recovery. Cloud and container experience. Building and scaling secure services on different cloud providers is a plus. You will use Kubernetes, Docker, and AWS. Keeping calm and carrying on. Capable in navigating through a product outage, skilled in identifying performance bottlenecks, spotting anomalous system behavior, and figuring out the root cause of incidents. About Vivo Having been in business since 2006, Vivo is a full-service recruiting and consulting company, specializing on mid to senior level technology resources. Our brand promise is simple: we get people. We get that our clients don t want to waste time, and that our candidates and employees thrive when given honest feedback and an opportunity to grow. Whether you re onsite at our Pleasanton headquarters or working for one of Vivo s clients the best brand names out there our promise to you is unwavering: we will treat you like you are our most important employee. Do you think you get people get what they really need, and get how to deliver? We re not perfect but we re accountable. We re not in 32 countries, but we are in the heart of it all. So, if you are looking for a flexible, fun and high-energy work environment, along with the opportunity to work with some of the world s technology leaders, we can t wait to talk to you.
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