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What is Data Science Gamp?

The field of data science is emerging at the intersection of the fields of social science and statistics, information and computer science, and design.

The Data Science Gamp servers primary goal of providing all the necessary information at one place. This primarily focuses on jobs related to data science and analytics cutting across all industries. The portal brings all the data science related jobs from multiple souces and provides at one place. Portal is positioned to bring jobs together and bridge the gap of increasing demand for the number of data science jobs and shortage of skilled professionals by connecting employers hiring Data Science professionals with the industry professionals looking for new or better career opportunities as well as providing educational tools to students aspiring to pursue career in Data Science.

What are the key features?

Following are the Key Features of our proposed portal:

  • One-Stop solution for job seekers for data science related jobs
  • Employers Registered on our portal will be able to post their Data Science related jobs on our portal.
  • Registered employers will be able to post their data science related jobs on our portal as well as search the candidates for their requirements from the resume database of the job seekers. Option for job seekers to upload their Video Resumes will be a great tool as employers will be able to evaluate presentation skill of the potential candidate and will help employers shortlist the candidate for interview.
  • Company Analytics for Data Science employers, the Employers will be able to brand themselves and Jobseekers will benefit by reviews related to these employers including featured job postings by these employers. We will also allow job seekers to write reviews about employers in-general, write reviews about interview process of employers, record their salaries and at the same time gather data company such as company profile, top management and key decision makers, etc. These all will be presented on our portal to help the job seekers make right decision about their prospective employer.
  • Students will benefit from below additional features on our portal:
    • Data Science Software/Tools
    • News
    • Top Stories
    • Opinions/Discussions
    • Tutorials
    • Data Science Academia/Faculties
    • Data Science Companies/Reviews/Salary Structure/Interview Experiences/Social Analytics
    • Courses/Education/Certificates/Datasets
    • Meetings/Webinars/Events
    • Polls/Advertisements/Social

For whom it is for?

The Data Science Gamp portal is a platform that will cater to the needs of each individual who is expressing interest in Data Science whether it is:

  • Industry professionals looking for new or better career opportunities.
  • Students or recent graduates who have at least some background into Data Science and would like to learn new Data Science skills or sharpen the existing skills by going through training tutorials, blogs, research, details of various analytics software, and educational events, etc. on our portal.
  • Students who would like to decide whether or not to pursue education into data science and which university to join by going through industry news, blogs, and comparative analysis of the fees, ratings, duration, requirements, and job placements among data science related university programs on our portal.
  • Universities and Faculty members interested in reaching out to targeted students for their data science programs by branding about their data science related degree programs and job placement ratio, etc.
  • Hiring managers or recruiters looking for Data Science talent for their projects or initiatives.

In job search, what can I use for keywords?

You can enter the keywords for the job descriptions you would like to see. Keywords can be anything including job titles, skills, industry, company, or location. It searches the keywords in the skills and the description of the job posting. Examples include scientist, SAS, Python, New York and such.

We’ll help you prioritize the jobs you should sponsor by location, job title or industry.

How do I know where my Sponsored Jobs will appear?

When people search for jobs on Data Science Gamp, they enter keywords relevant to their interests and background. Your jobs will be displayed in search results when your job title, description, location and other information relates to the search terms entered.

How do I find jobs?

When performing a search, check the checkbox category available and type of filter in website. You may also want to try using keywords, city, company name etc...

Can I get additional information on a job posting other then what is listed?

Since employers post their own jobs, they only include the information that they want the Jobseeker to view.

However, links to further information on specific companies is located in the Employer Directory. Also, most companies have corporate Web sites that you may find helpful.

I have forgotten my password. What do I do?

in the Job Seeker login box, click the forgot your password? Link then enter your valid Email id then submit after that check the email and got the new password link then change the your password.

how do I activate data science gamp my resume?

Login into your data science gamp account.

Go to upload resume page.

If you uploaded only one resume, then it’s activated other vise you have multiple resume then click on set primary flag.

Done .

Are searches case-sensitive?


Are there fees for this service?

Yes. completely free!

How do I apply for a job?

You can apply to every job on the website online. After clicking the 'Apply' button you will be shown a short form and given the chance to attach a Resume and cover note alongside your application.

Some jobs may also list a telephone number or email address that you can use to contact the recruiter and apply via more traditional means.


Yes. Each position has a dedicated recruiter assigned to it. When you apply to a position, the recruiter is notified of your interest and will follow up with you in the event your skills match the requirements of the position.

What is the ‘Jobs by Category’ option provided on the Home Page?

‘Jobs by Category’ enables you to refine your search by selecting a particular industry that suits your job requirement. The option provides you with a comprehensive list of all the jobs that are available under the chosen category. Clicking on the link further the category, into the area of specialization that you are looking at.

How do I apply for a job?

After registration you can easily submit your profile by clicking on the 'Apply' close to the posted job.

What are the benefits of registering with data science gamp?

Our goal at data science gamp is to create the ideal match between the candidate and client company. We seek connections that bring success and satisfaction to both sides. We’re a USA company with a global orientation and a fast-growing network in Asia-Pacific. We maintain deep and long-standing relationships in this market, we know our industries, and we understand the needs of our candidates. We’ll help you gain a competitive edge in your job search

What kind of positions do you introduce to candidates?

data science gamp handles middle management to executive class jobs in the fields pure IT fields. Like that

Data Science,Analytic, Analytics, Business Analytics, Data Miner, Python Developer, SAS developer with Python, R Developer, SAS Dimensions Modeler, SAS and SQL Analyst, SAS Data Integration Studio etc…

Why does data science gamp offer social login?

Although you always have the option to create a unique account for data science gamp, social login makes it easier to log in and register. When you choose to use social login, you will link your account on our website with a third-party social-networking site such as Twitter and Google+. these social-networking sites verify your identity, allow you to log in to data science gamp using a single social-login button

How do employers contact me?

Employers can contact you by sending you a email through data science gamp or by using the contact information you have provided on your resume to contact you directly.

Can I upload multiple resumes/CVs/documents to my account? How?

You can upload multiple documents into your account.

Once you’ve logged into your account, you’ll find yourself on the data science gamp dashboard page. You’ll see several different sections: My Job Cart, Upload Resume, Edit Profile, and Upcoming Event. In the “Upload Resume” field, click on the link that says “Upload Resumes” or click on “Upload Resume” link from Menu section. This will take you to the Post Resumes page. Near the Left side of the page, you’ll see a section called “Post Resume”. If you want to upload multiple Resumes, click on plus icon of this Section. Here you’ll be given the choice to enter a text resume or upload an existing file from your computer. Make your choice and click the Upload button of that section to save your changes.

I have suggestions/complaints that I would want to send.

You can give feed back on the main page feedback link. Or you may send on Email info@DataScienceGamp.com

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