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We are seeking professionals to join our Affiliate Partnership Program. There is no sign-up fee, minimum effort is required, and huge commissions are paid based on each successful lead.

We are in the domain of business intelligence, analytics, data warehousing, data migration, data integration and big data initiatives. The consistent theme to all these environments is moving and staging data - lots and lots of data is extracted, moved and organized across different databases.

If you Google “Active Data Staging” you will find us on top of the organic search. Our disruptive technology is called A2B Data™ that automatically moves customer data from any source to any target, and it does this without the customer ever writing a line of code. As you know, traditionally, customers will perform this task by manually writing code and will spend enormous amount of time and money to manage the process of moving data.

A2B Data™ has changed this paradigm by automating the mundane task of extracting and loading data across any database. Not only do we move data, but we process changed data. This is the key differentiator to our product. In contrast, the traditional approach is costly, time consuming and erroneous. A2B Data™ manages the end-to-end process of Data Staging and frees valuable customer resources to mine their information.

Do you know of any Company that can utilize the value of A2B Data™ today? If so, we need your help to spread the word that A2B Data™ automates the Data Staging Process.

Our marketing approach is simple, we reward our key data influencers that can help extend our service reach:

  • for every successful customer license sale of A2B Data™, generated from your lead, you will receive monthly commissions over a 12-month period. There are no caps, or limits, on the number of sales and commissions attached to you
  • you will receive 24/7 support and have access to in-depth videos, testimonies and product collateral
  • the sales process is streamlined, and the risk is mitigated as it is free for customers to download use A2B Data™
  • The subscription fee is tiered based on usage and the first 50 tables are free for a 24-month trial period.

If our Affiliate Partnership Program interests you, please submit your information and we will contact you promptly, or visit

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